Controlling in VATCAN

Becoming a controller in VATCAN is an easy 3 step process.

What's VATCAN?

VATCAN is the Canadian division of the VATSIM network, responsible for providing Air Traffic Control (ATC) service and ATC Training across Canadian airspace.

For information about VATCAN's FIRs, please click here.

Step 1 - Reading Computer Based Training (CBT) Modules

Please visit the VATCAN CBTs, and complete blocks 1 & 2 in the Academy (CZAE) tab. The material within the CBTs will be what you are tested on in the S1 exam. Do not skip this step, as attempting the entry exam without reading the material almost always results in a failing grade.

Step 2 - Completing your S1 Exam

After you have finished reading the CBT modules, you are ready to complete your S1 exam for your S1 rating! If you already have your S1 ratings, you may continue to step 3, but ensure you have completed step 1 as well.

To take the exam, you first need to have it assigned. Go to the Exam Centre. If you are eligible for the exam, a pop-up will come up asking if you would like to assign the exam. Please select 'yes', and the exam should assign. Please wait at least 5 minutes to start if the exam doesn't assign right away. You will take the exam inside of the Exam Centre.

The exam is a 25 question, open-book test based on the material from the CBTs. You need a score of 80% or higher to pass. After completing the exam, you should get your score and final assessment. As well, if emails are on in your Settings, you will receive an email. If you fail the exam, please use the 3 day waiting period to review the material again. The exam will automatically reassign after the 3 days. In the event you do not pass the exam a 2nd time, an additional cool-off period of 7 or more days may be assigned to allow you that time to study the relevant material.

The S1 rating allows you to control no higher than tower on the network, but completing your S1 rating does not mean you can control yet. You may start controlling after authorization from an instructor.

For more information about controller ratings, please visit VATSIM's Global Controller Administration Policy.

Step 3 - Transferring into an FIR

The final step of this process is transferring into an FIR, and starting your initial training. To transfer, please visit the Transfers page on your VATCAN profile.

The different FIRs websites are linked here if you are looking for more information.