About the Project

The CANscope project's goal is to improve realism of online virtual air traffic control for members of VATCAN, VATSIM's canadian division. Using EuroScope's software as a ATC client for online operations as well as offline simulation, we develop and test custom settings and plug-ins for EuroScope to look and behave as close as possible to a real system now used in Canada: CAATS (Canadian Automated Air Traffic System)

One other very important aspect of the project is that we take the opportunity to standardize methods and formats across VATCAN regions. All six VATCAN Regions are actively participating to the project.


You can find the canScope plugin on the VATCAN Github. Found here:

Configuration & Usage

CANscope plugin

The CANscope plug-in puts the CJS (Controller's Jurisdiction Symbol) or Tracking controller's ID if you prefer just above the target, or RPS (Radar Position Symbol). Here is what it looks like:

CSiT Tags

In IFR profiles, display files use CSiT tag family. Here is the list of all click spots and functions. Most functions also apply to EuroScope lists.


VFR profiles use NARDS tag family. Most functions are the same as above.