Event(s) Idea(s) Let's Fly in Untrolled Airspace and in the High Canadian Arctic

Ross Wuerth

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Greetings. I’d like to offer three event ideas that member pilots and controllers might find unique and interesting. These are focused on uncontrolled airspace and how you can or should operate there both under VFR and IFR. Depending location, you’d need to have Edmonton, Winnipeg and/or Toronto Centre engaged but also Arctic Radio (based in North Bay, operating remote comms across the North). One event could highlight flights that either begin in controlled airspace but terminate in uncontrolled airspace (eg, Churchill to Rankin Inlet and Baker Lake; Yellowknife to Coppermine and Cambridge Bay; Moosonee to Attawapiskat) or vice-versa. Another event could highlight flights conducted entirely in uncontrolled airspace (eg. Cambridge Bay to Resolute Bay, Gjoa Haven, Taloyoak, Hall Beach, Pond Inlet etc). Then, we go to a situation very special and unique, we visit the highest of the High Arctic and we fly between Resolute Bay to Grise Fiord, Eureka and Alert. You could simulate approval granted by RCAF for visitors to Alert airfield. As an offshoot, you could include Thule as a destination if you involve Danish ATC.