Sector File Update Airac 2004

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Sector File Update Airac 2004
« on: April 23, 2020, 07:32:29 PM »

AIRAC 2004, April 22, 2020, is now available

Change Log is as follows

- Updated VORs, NDBs, FIXES, AIRPORTS, and AIRWAYS to AIRAC 2004
- Removed CYOD_CTR and replaced with CYOD_APP. CYOD_APP controls from GND to FL180
- Updated Floor for Coppermine (KM) Low-Level Sector: FL230
- Updated Clyde (CY) High-Level sector, now split in two to match real-life split. Section 1 Northern portion FL230-FL600; Section 2 South-Eastern portion FL180-FL6900
- Updated MTL_CTR polygon to include shared boundary with Severn High-Level Sector and ensure effective automatic handoffs
- Added visibility point to FSS positions to capture SLC CTR when online.
- Added Regions for CYXY airport layout (by Tony Koch)
- Added GND ASR for CYXY, both regular and vSMR (by Tony Koch)
- Updated ATIS_CANADA with correct and revised settings to support UNIATIS Structure Changes (Owen Kane)
- Updated Sound File For Minor Airport Names and Missing Phrases to Support New UNIATIS Structure Changes (Owen Kane)