APPLICATIONS OPEN: Gander Oceanic Events and Marketing Director (ZQO4)

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Gander Oceanic is seeking applications for the Gander Oceanic Events and Marketing Director (ZQO4) position. This position is crucial for the organisation and execution of regular and one off events and for maintaining the FIR's social media presence. (Notice: Applicants do not need to currently hold an oceanic endorsement in order to be eligible for the position).

Position duties and responsibilities:

Reports to: Gander Oceanic Deputy FIR Chief (ZQO2)
Responsible for: Event management, graphic creation and social media management

- Organises and executes regular and one-off events for the CZQO FIR
- Designs event banners for scheduled events
- Monitors trends and interest for certain events
- Organises controller rosters for events
- Maintain a regular online presence, including on all social media channels
- Attends quarterly staff meetings

The ideal candidate must:
- Hold C1 rating or equivalent, or higher
- Be able to respond to emails and relevant notifications in a timely manner
- Be available to communicate via different mediums to support people of different cultures and backgrounds
- Be a member of good standing within VATSIM and their home division
- Have previous experience in a similar role, internally or externally to VATSIM
- Have proficient command of both written and spoken English
- Be available to attend an interview
- Demonstrate basic graphic design experience (a brief portfolio of banners, art, etc. may be requested)

Command over one or more foreign languages is considered beneficial, although not a prerequisite for the position.

Applications must be submitted alongside a short CV to a.ogden(at) The application must at a minimum address the above stated points and ideally include an explanation for why you would be a suitable candidate for the position.

Applications will close strictly at 2300z on the 10th of December 2019. Applications submitted after the closing date will not be considered. Please be reminded that a Gander Oceanic endorsement is not a prerequisite for the submission of your application.

Andrew Ogden

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Re: APPLICATIONS OPEN: Gander Oceanic Events and Marketing Director (ZQO4)
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Applications have been extended through to 2300z on the 3rd of January 2020.