Unintended transfers out of FIR's

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Unintended transfers out of FIR's
« on: November 05, 2019, 09:45:52 AM »
On October 22, 2019; the VATCAN team made some repairs to the website that resulted in a previously damaged CRON job from running as it normally would. This scheduled program was responsible for reassigning exams, transfers and updating VATSIM's CERT to match the data within VATCAN's website. Though the program was repaired, it had the unintentional consequence of transferring some exiting controllers out of their FIR's and being assigned as non-members or into other FIRs. While we were able to fix most of the errors, some controllers transferred prior to the CERT update remain impacted and we don't have logs to track these impacted individuals.

If you are having problems accessing the forums or see that you are no longer part of an FIR that you are supposed to be with please contact me directly vatcan2[at]vatcan.ca with your CID# and the FIR you are supposed to be with. I'll check the transfers and if I do see you have been unintentionally moved, I will transfer you back into your FIR.

Apologies to those that have been impacted but this fix was necessary to get our systems running properly again.
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