Server Outage Reports

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Server Outage Reports
« on: June 27, 2019, 08:06:59 AM »
      Please report any sever outage/down times by posting a new topic. This includes VATCAN, Teamspeak or VATSIM severs.

      Information you should include in your report:

      • Sever Platform that went down (I.E Euroscope, Teamspeak, Website, Forum)
      • Sever Region (if applicable)
      • Time the outage occurred
      • Time the outage ended
      • How many time the outage went up and down during the above time frame
      • The impact you experienced (I.E how much traffic on Euroscope did you have, were you in a meeting on Teamspeak or did it affect a training lesson)

      We have listen to your complaints regarding an increase in sever outages and would like to obtain more information in order to diagnose the issue better.

      We appreciate the help from our members!
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