Brendan McCurry & Dan Arsenault - Thank You For Your Service to VATCAN

Rob Nabieszko

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Brendan, Dan,

On behalf of VATCAN and the Montreal FIR, Thank You for stepping up and helping get the Montreal FIR back on it's feet. Your service is gratefully appreciated and will not soon be forgotten.

You may both return to your previous status within your home FIR.

I would also like to extend my Thanks to the Moncton and Toronto FIRs (and their executive staff) for allowing us to borrow their instructors. They have been invaluable and we could not have relaunched Montreal without them.

I hope that this project marks the beginning of improved collaboration and teamwork between the training departments of each FIR. It certainly has shown that as a collective team, we are more powerful and productive than as individuals.

Yours in Gratitude,
Rob Nabieszko
Rob Nabieszko | VATCAN3
Director of Training, VATCAN

Michel Robichaud

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    • CZUL FIR

I will always remember March 16th 2019 as the day I began my ATC Training with you. I was nervous and a little bit scared, but your patience and dedication really made a difference.

Thanks for your help, and take care!

Michel Robichaud (1423228)
Event Coordinator - Montreal FIR

Jeff McMillan

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Great Job Brendan & Dan! Thank you for your hard work, time and dedication to the division!

This CZUL revitalization project was a great success and a great example of how all FIRs working together as one untied division is stronger and able to help each other.

Well done everyone!

Jeff McMillan (1275572)
CZQM C1 Controller

Kosta Zouraris

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Merci beaucoup à Dan Arsenault qui a été la première personne à m’accueillir sur Vatcan!
Un formidable instructeur et pas mal patient  ;D
CZUL Member

Nathan Power

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    • Winnipeg FIR
It's been absolutely wonderful to see Montreal coming back to life. Thanks for the hard work to all that are involved!

Yanick Coulombe

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    • FIR de Montréal
Thank you to Brendan, Dan, Travis and Rob, who took on the mission to rebuild the training in Montréal.
It made me realize that VATCAN is a big team and I think our future is working on division-wide projects instead of thinking for our FIR.
I want to add that on top of gifting is your time, you guys made an extra effort to accommodate the French students and it was truly appreciated.
Yanick Coulombe (965064)
Chief - FIR de Montréal