Q3 2019 VATCAN Newsletter

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Q3 2019 VATCAN Newsletter
« on: June 05, 2019, 07:36:21 AM »

A message from the Division Director

Hi Everyone!

I hope everyone had a fantastic summer!  It seemed to fly past way too fast if you excuse the pun!  And here we are, in October.  With some exceptionally exciting times ahead!!

AFV will be launching October 14th!  AFV (Audio for Vatsim) brings with it some incredible enhancements to the realism of our hobby.  Gary Oliver and his team have worked tirelessly on this for over a year and in just 4 days we will be reaping the benefits of their hard work!  Be sure to thank them all if you see them in the forums!  Please also remember that the network will be shut down between 2000z on Sunday night through, potentially, 2000z on Monday night!

Next we have CTP which is creeping up on us!  This is VATSIM's premiere flyin event.  In VATCAN's case it is more of a flyout!  This is on Saturday October 26th.  We were lucky enough to have CYYZ selected as a departure airport and I can tell you the Toronto, Montreal, Moncton and Gander folks are working hard to make sure this event will be as successful or more so than in the past!  This is always an exciting event and fun for all, so I hope you will all be there to fly, control and enjoy the day!

VATCAN continues to go from strength to strength.  I have just sent my quarterly report to the Regional Director for North America and I am pleased to be able to report that controller numbers are up!  Rankings are increasing through training and OTS's!  Thanks to all of your hard work and that of the VATCAN and FIR Staffs!

I continue to look forwards to our ongoing progress over the next several months and anticipate it being our busiest ever!!

Thank you all!

Phil Dowling | I3
VATCAN Division Director

Training Department Update

I am grateful for the chance to spend some time talking about the current status of Training across the VATCAN Division.

This has been a busy year so far for training. We have had well over a dozen successful OTS exams this year already and most FIRs seem to have a steady stream of students. I am happy that the OTS forms which we introduced last year continue to see regular use, and I think they have allowed for a fairly consistent marking standard for all controller candidates.

Of course our most successful project so far this year was the loaning of instructors to the Montreal FIR temporarily, to help get their FIR restarted. Dan Arsenault (CZQM) and Brendan McCurry (CZYZ) volunteered along with myself, and became temporary members of Montreal. They helped a few students who were stuck waiting to progress, and helped get other students interested in Montreal again. As a result, Montreal went from having almost zero activity level in January to winning an Iron Mic in March. A big Thank You to Dan and Brendan for stepping up, because I could not have hoped to get that much work done by myself. Expect to see a similar project for the Winnipeg FIR sometime over the next 6 months.

One of the biggest projects we are beginning to undertake is a better way to track and record student progress across the nation. Each FIR currently has its own system, and some are better than others. This inconsistency also makes it harder to share information, especially between FIRs. We have considered several different methods of improving this system. Most of this ties into improving our national website so these functions are built right in and files are automatically created for new students when they sign up to become controllers. So much of this is done manually in each FIR, with so much repeated effort. I hope we can find a better way for everyone in the not too distant future.

As the year continues, I will be conducting a review of our national Computer Based Training courses. They were written 2 years ago, and are due for a review to ensure they are still relevant. If anyone has questions or suggestions, or notes specific errors, please don't hesitate to point them out to me and I will fix them as soon as I get the chance.

In closing, I want to thank the great Training Staff across this division. You continue to churn out some of the most professional controllers on the VATSIM network. So from all your students, and all of the Executive Staff, and myself, Thank You. We couldn't do this without you!

Always Keep Learning!

Rob Nabieszko | I3
VATCAN Director of Training

VATCAN Controller of the Quarter

Congratulations to George Gyftonicolos for being selected as VATCAN’s first Controller of the Quarter!

George is a guy that flies under the radar but has done a tonne of hours in his home FIR, CZYZ. He is consistently one of our top performers month after month. He has a total of 1150 hours online with CZYZ and is second on the total all time hours list only to FIR Chief Dean Roy.

He acts a mentor for CZYZ and has helped many guys online.

George is one of those guys that doesn't promote himself really but quietly does a tonne of service to pilots and helping other controllers. We all agree that George is very deserving this recognition.

Nomination Submitted by CZYZ FIR Chief Dean Roy


VATSIM is delighted to announce that Audio for VATSIM, our brand new voice technology, will launch on Monday 14th October 2019. This is the dawn of the next generation of online flight simulation. VATCAN has prepared a training series to help you prepare for the launch.

Check it out here : https://www.vatcan.ca/forums/index.php?topic=6657.0

News from VATSIM

Revisions to VATSIM's Code of Conduct

On Monday July 15, 2019 at 00:00z an updated version of the VATSIM Code of Conduct will come into effect.  This update has been under development for several months. The updates modernize the Code of Conduct to reflect the many years of change on the network.  The general intent remains unchanged - members are expected behave in a manner that is respectful and tolerant of others while enjoying their time on VATSIM.
The New Code of Conduct can be found at http://vats.im/coc
While many of the items in the Code of Conduct have been tweaked or reworded for clarity, most of them are rules that you already know and abide by. Every member should read though the new code of conduct as everyone will be held to it, but here are some of the biggest changes.
•   Members are required to register for VATSIM using their full real names, but now may connect to VATSIM using their full real name, a common shortening of their real name, their given name only, or their VATSIM Certificate ID number
•   VATSIM Members may stream content utilizing VATSIM and persons who intentionally disrupt a stream are subject to immediate suspension.
•   Pilots will be required to be able to comply with hold short instructions, and flying a speed, altitude and heading assigned by Air Traffic Controllers
•   A specific set of restricted callsigns as well as limitations on recreating flights or organizing events recognizing real world disasters or tragedies
•   While Air Traffic Control positions are generally “first come, first served;” a division may set policy for booking a position ahead of time within reasonable limits
Please visit the VATSIM General Discussion Forums to ask any questions you might have about any part of the new Code of Conduct.

VATCAN Events Update

Save the Date!

Cross the Pond Eastbound will be held October 26, 2019. Airfield have been selected! All of the slots for Cross the Pond were booked in record time. Please contact your FIR events coordinator to sign up to control this event. The VATCAN CTP Improvement committee is working to make the event smoother.

Stay Tuned!

Come try out the new Audio for VATSIM on launch date. We are running the first event on the VATSIM sever using the new voice codec.

Moncton Monday is VATCAN’s longest-running weekly event, providing  ATC every Monday night, beginning at 22:00z. So if you think you are up for some east coast fun, come on over! Full coverage provided for all controlled airports in the Atlantic region. We will even say "hello" to those who fly over us Europe bound.
All kinds of traffic, whether VFR or IFR, airplane or helicopter, are welcome and pilots of all skill levels are invited.
Come and fly our friendly skies!

Flight Sim News
Flight Sim News source is FSELITE.net

QualityWings Ultimate 787 Hotfix 1.2.1

QualityWings has released a hotfix for their Ultimate 787 Collection. The hotfix follows on the Service Pack 2 update, which was released just a few days ago, and brought us the long awaited Boeing 787-10.

The hotfix comes with a few fixes for some issues, such as a fix for the ‘flaps 20 take-off flap- and gear config warnings’, some fixes to panel and aircraft states and some fixes for FSX.

Freeware Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport Released For X-Plane 11

Montreal’s Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (CYUL) has been released as freeware for X-Plane 11.

Developed by Sandro, the freeware release replicates the largest airport in Quebec. As the third busiest airport in Canada (behind Toronto’s Pearson Airport and Vancouver’s airport), CYUL is a great hub for a variety of domestic and international flights.

The freeware airport includes custom objects, orthophotos of the surrounding area, and an accurate replication of the airport and runways. The scenery is available via x-plane.org and includes instructions for download and the libraries required for seamless integration into X-Plane.

Navigraph Releases New Charts Update for the Public

The brand new Navigraph Charts platform is now available for all users who have subscribed to the service. This is a great tool for Pilots and Controllers. The new chart product will include various brand new features including route calculation, procedure visualization, intelligent procedure selector and map overlays. Furthermore, there has been some integration with SimBrief which will import your route.

FSimStudios Releases Further Previews of CYEG Edmonton International

FSimStudios has released further previews of CYEG Edmonton International Airport for P3D over on their Facebook Page.

The latest previews follow work in progress renders of the terminal building. As you can see from the screenshots below, the terminal building, now complete, has been fully textured, including PBR windows and zinc tiles for the terminal.

CYEG is known for its harsh winters and heavy snow, that being said, FSimStudios has been experimenting with low poly 3D snow coverage that will bring an added level of realism to winter within P3D. This feature will be easy to activate and deactivate to help manage performance.

FSimStudios have invited the community to suggest other features that they would like to see in the scenery release so if you have an idea, head over to their Facebook post and leave the team a comment.

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