[VACANCY] Winnipeg (CZWG) Deputy FIR Chief

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[VACANCY] Winnipeg (CZWG) Deputy FIR Chief
« on: April 28, 2019, 11:57:38 PM »

POSITION VACANCY: Winnipeg Deputy FIR Chief

As the Winnipeg FIR continues rebuilding, ZWG is now accepting applications for the position of the Winnipeg Deputy FIR Chief. This position is crucial in creating a positive team to ensure continued progress for the FIR!

REPORTS TO: Winnipeg FIR Chief

RESPONSIBLE FOR: Assisting the FIR Chief with general duties, as well as delegating tasks if necessary.

- Receiving reports from all departments and forward to the FIR Chief.
- Assisting with the monitoring of the day to day operations of the FIR and assist the FIR Chief where required.
- Monitoring the status of FIR policies and official documents.
- Assisting other staff members in the operation of their departments.
- Assuming the role of Acting FIR Chief in the temporary absence of the FIR Chief.
- Attending quarterly staff meetings.
- Able to assist with any other tasks as requested.
- Maintaining a regular online presence within the FIR, including on all social media channels.

- Have a familiarity with Canadian ATC operations and regulations (considered an asset, but not required.)
- Respond to emails and messages and relevant notifications in a timely manner.
- Be available to communicate via different mediums to support people of different cultures and backgrounds.
- Be a member of good standing within VATSIM network.
- Have previous experience in a leadership role, either on VATSIM or in real life.
- Have proficient command of both written and spoken English.
- Be available to attend an interview, if required.

Applications will be accepted until 2359Z on May 17 2019. Any applications received after this deadline will not be considered. All applications shall be e-mailed to n.power[at]vatcan.ca.