FLYTampa CYYZ Update

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FLYTampa CYYZ Update
« on: January 04, 2018, 08:19:40 PM »

I want to bring this to light as you should now be able to use taxiway F a bit more. FLYTampa has updated CYYZ to P3D V4 bringing the following changes:

-Completely recompiled using V4 SDK.
-Updated Ground polys using ZBias and Lua-script method.
-Updated Ground/Pavement textures
-Updated Ground Specular Effect
-Added Taxiway F-M connection.
-Added rain/wet FX
-Added Dynamic Lighting option
-Updated approach lighting
-Added "Low-Visibility" Airport Lighting option
-Installer uses add-ons.xml method
-Installation is self-contained and can be moved elsewhere after installation.


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