VATCAN: 12 Months In!

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VATCAN: 12 Months In!
« on: November 19, 2016, 02:52:46 PM »

Today marks one year since I became the Director of VATCAN.  I still remember the day that I was notified of my selection as Director. I was on a bus from Ottawa to Toronto after watching one of my friends being sworn in as a Member of Parliament. The bus driver had just asked me to make an announcement over the PA system and as I was speaking with the passengers I saw the headline come through on my phone. I couldn’t contain my excitement and wanted to start working right away. I’m quite sure the passengers thought I had lost it when I was beaming the entire time I was giving a speech on proper coach-bus bathroom etiquette.

As I sat there on that bus I tethered my laptop to my phone and started to brainstorm. I created a “Hit list” of items that I wanted to complete. I am so proud to say that we have completed several key items on that list - and I am even more proud of the team we have put together to get it done.

In the past year VATCAN has:

- Selected some amazing talent to fill the vacancies in staffing. From VATCAN 2, 3, and 4 to various FIR level staff.

- Completely overhauled our S1 and S2 training courses and automated the entrance process to the division allowing students to quickly and efficiently join the ranks of our family.

- Implemented a new member retention strategy led by the VATCAN Training Department and Welcome Team to ensure talent is retained and engaged from day one.

- Launched a new website with the incredible generosity from the neighbours to the south. Thank you, Don, and Daniel, for coming rushing in when we needed it most.

- Successfully completed several large-scale events showing the world what Canada is made of.

- Shown the world our dedication by winning several “Iron Mic” awards over the past few months.

I intended on calling out a list of names in this post. People who have helped shape the Division over the past year. Quite simply - That list would be too long.  I am so proud of what we have done together and look forward to the next year.  However, I simply cannot do it alone

I am calling upon each and every VATCAN member to step up to the plate by offering your talent and passion for moving VATCAN forward. 

There is still lots to do. We have some incredible things on the horizon, and I look forward to working with every single VATCAN member. My door is always open.

Thank You,

Matt Cianfarani
Vice President - Network Infrastructure
VATSIM Board of Governors