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Question: is it always assumed that Virtual Military Flight Organizations are primarily concerned with air Combat ?

There are usually a lot of roles to fill in a vSOA; SAR, AR, Transport, .... But usually the most popular role is Air Combat. Everyone seems to want to go high, fast and pretend to shoot at things!  ;D

I would be interested.  Former USAF Aircrew South East Asia.  7th Airborne Battlefield Command and Control.  If further discussions will take place on Discord, could we get an active invite link?


I looked through my backup files and unfortunately I don't have a copy of the old site anymore. I am not on TS much these days. Owen, maybe set up a Discord site and post an invite link for anyone who is interested in this?


In the planning stages for just over 6 months

So I guess it has been in the planning stages for about a year now?! I was taking care of the old website for a brief time and could dig through my old archives if there still is an interest to get this started up. I also have extensive experience in vSOA training. Send me a note if this is still in the works...

Toronto (CZYZ) / Re: Real World Jobs
« on: June 15, 2019, 08:36:03 AM »
IT consultant in Ottawa. (No, I don't build websites! 😃)

Hey. I was wondering if someone know why we don't have our virtual military flight organization listed ,or maybe it doesn't exist .. ?
Someone already think about to make one for Canada ?

There used to be one 5-6 years ago but it shut down due to lack of interest. To my best knowledge there is currently no active vCAF on VATSIM (there seems to be one for DCS).

General Discussion / Re: Training
« on: February 07, 2019, 01:31:05 PM »
Unless it has already happened, maybe start by dropping the bilingual requirement. That way those that have offered to help out in the past but been rejected will be willing to give it another try!

Quote from: VATSIM CoR 1.01 A
Members should be able to converse and/or provide air traffic control services in English, the
internationally accepted official language for air traffic control.

Gander Oceanic (CZQO) / Re: ADS-B
« on: February 06, 2019, 02:30:26 PM »
The same question was just asked in the VATSIM forums as well. As per Ross' reply, this is already simulated in VRC (and maybe Euroscope) except the 1 second refresh rate which is a network protocol issue.

News / Re: October 28th 2018 VATCAN Staff Meeting Minutes
« on: November 05, 2018, 02:29:42 PM »
Of course, you're right about English being the only real requirement for the network - my plan for ZUL is to not enforce any language regulations, but to encourage the FIR to continue using their primary language, as Montreal has quite a few French pilots. However, I also encourage any members to head to Montreal, as all users are expected to be fluent in English. There never has been a restriction, and never will there be - it's just unfair to VATCAN.

In regards to "never has been a restriction", the below is from the reply I got from the Montreal FIR when I tried to apply as a visiting controller last year. Take it for what it is worth...

Normally we grant visitors full access only when they are bilingual. Because you're english only, we allow control of High Center FL180 and above and full control of the CYOW TCA. So basically you can still handle departures and arrivals from and to high levels from YOW. Hopefully that is good enough!

Toronto (CZYZ) / Re: Worldflight Australia 2018
« on: October 30, 2018, 02:28:58 PM »
Ottawa is controlled by the Montreal FIR. Has Toronto been asked to assist with staff or are you just being pro-active in helping out?!

Gander Oceanic (CZQO) / Re: Gander Oceanic's Website is Back!
« on: April 24, 2018, 11:08:00 AM »
Page not found.

If you have this problem, try emptying your browser's cache!

Looks like it is down for everyone:

General Discussion / Re: S1 entrance exam
« on: October 15, 2017, 08:08:38 PM »
I passed the S1 entrance exam September 27 2017. I received a conformation email stating that the training staff has been notified. To date I have not been contacted by a member of the staff to advise me what I have to do from here.

Can someone let me know what I have to do from here please.

The first post in this forum covers it pretty well:

Once you pass your exam, you can then make an application under "My VATCAN" for the Flight Information Region (FIR) of your choosing. If you do not pass your exam, you must wait a minimum of seven (7) days before attempting your exam again. This wait period is there to help you study and prepare for the next attempt.

ATC Controllers Forum / Radar Identification
« on: June 16, 2017, 02:07:53 PM »
An interesting question popped up on another forum that I monitor:

As a radar controller, when we have an aircraft entering our airspace from an uncontrolled area, what is the proper way to radar identify them? In the US it seems to be enough (based on my VATSIM flying) that you assign a discreet squawk code and confirm the tag change. Here in Canada I have been taught to both assign the code and have the aircraft Ident. The MANOPS states that an aircraft is radar identified if:

E. The appropriate change in the PPS is observed after the aircraft is instructed to operate the Ident feature of its transponder
F. The appropriate change in the PPS is observed after the aircraft is instructed to change from one code to another

(PPS is  Present Position Symbol)

So one or the other should be enough (plus of course a bunch of other cases). Would the additional ident that we request be because of the aircraft initially had a non-discreet code (2200)? If so, how would you in real life radar identify an aircraft entering domestic airspace from an Oceanic sector and squawking 2000?

General Discussion / FlightSimCon 2017
« on: May 30, 2017, 12:39:38 PM »
I will be attending FlightSimCon 2017 in Windsor Locks, CT next weekend (June 10-11). It would be great to be able to put a face to some of the names in VATCAN so if you are attending, please drop by the VATSTAR table to say "hi"!  :D

What will the new wording be when we clear an aircraft for an approach via a STAR. The old phraseology was: "Cleared ILS rwy 26R approach via the CANUC4 arrival". It is not a transition so the example doesn't seem to apply - or does it?

Also, your example is using "via SID" in the IFR clearance. I believe "via" in the clearance should no longer be used: From the Q&A document:

23. What’s changing with the word VIA, compared to how it is used today?
ANS: VIA is removed from the routing segment of an IFR clearance. There is no replacement, it is simply removed.

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