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News / VATCAN5 Appointment
« on: August 27, 2020, 07:19:30 PM »

I am pleased to report that today I offered the role of VATCAN5 to Graham Curnew and he accepted.

As you all know, Graham has been the interim VATCAN5 for a while now and our thanks to him for filling the role on an interim basis.  He is now the permanent VATCAN5 and I am looking forwards to seeing what else Graham will bring to the role.

I'd also like to thank the other applicants for this position.  They brought a lot to the table and gave Mr Curnew a decent run for his money  ;)

Please join me in congratulating Graham!

News / Winnipeg FIR Chief Appointment
« on: August 14, 2020, 03:19:08 PM »

Some of you may not know this.  However, Nate Power has been, for some time, acting as Chief for Winnipeg FIR.

Over the past several months we have seen Nate working tirelessly to rejuvenate Winnipeg and I am pleased to say that his efforts have been exceptionally fruitful.  Winnipeg is a growing, thriving FIR within VATCAN, Nate has surrounded himself with exceptional staff and the FIR continues to go from strength to strength.

Therefore, it is my extreme pleasure to announce Nate Power is no longer the ACTING Chief, but the ACTUAL Chief of Winnipeg FIR.

Thanks Nate!!!

News / CZQM (Moncton) FIR Chief Appointment
« on: August 14, 2020, 03:16:35 PM »

As you know from the previous post this role has been up for applications for a short while.

The role has been filled on an interim basis by Mark Walsh and I would like to thank Mark for stepping up and doing such an exceptional job for us.

We have now appointed a new Moncton FIR Chief.  Mark Walsh has graciously accepted the role.  We are very lucky to have a person of Mark's experience and knowledge heading up Moncton and I would encourage everyone to join me in welcoming Mark to the team!!!

Thanks Mark!

News / Big day for VATSIM
« on: July 23, 2020, 05:36:28 PM »
Hey all

If you have not already seen it.....

Just fantastic to see VATSIM at the forefront!

VATCAN is now accepting applications for the position of Communications and Outreach Director.

VATCAN wants a professional, enthusiastic and innovative individual to work on our executive team. We’re looking for a team player who can also be a great ambassador for VATCAN in and outside the division. Reporting directly to the Division Director, the successful candidate will play an integral part in building and maintaining a communication plans for the division while also executing community outreach programs.

POSITION: Communications and Outreach Director (VATCAN5)

REPORTS TO: VATCAN Division Director

RESPONSIBLE FOR: Handling of VATCAN's Communication and Outreach programs via multiple forms of communications, as well as (but not limited to) the following:

- Undertaking public relations duties on behalf of VATCAN by providing communications and news releases to media and various flight simulation related entities

- Promoting VATCAN and informing members of various VATCAN activities through the VATCAN website, VATCAN official forums and official VATCAN Social Media accounts

- Develops, directs and uses a communications and social media strategy to channel information to members and the flight simulation community

- Developing and distributing marketing material (graphics, news posts, forum posts, etc) to promote the division.
- Maintaining communications with virtual airlines both to advertise VATCAN events and advertise VA events within VATCAN.
- Working with FIR Staff to provide support when necessary.

- Additional duties as assigned.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: The successful applicant should meet the following minimum standards:

- Be a member of good standing in VATCAN for more than one year at the time of application.

- Demonstrated ability to make and keep commitments.

- Expectation of availability to attend all scheduled meetings for the duration of the meeting and engage daily in email and voice communications with other VATCAN executive members.

- Real world credentials and experience in internet, social media, and print/radio/video production processes is an asset.

- Be able to work effectively and build relationships within a volunteer organization.

- Demonstrated skills in communications and marketing tools mainly but not exclusively within an internet community.

Please e-mail your application, along with a cover letter addressing how you meet the requirements, along with any background and skills that may apply, to vatcan1[at] by 23:59z July 31, 2020 for consideration!

« on: July 14, 2020, 01:25:05 PM »


RESPONSIBLE FOR: Management of the Moncton (CZQM) FIR, including but not limited to the following duties:

- Providing strong leadership, direction and vision to the Moncton FIR, its staff and students included
- Monitoring, reviewing, and enhancing all FIR's positions, including training and events.
- Work to improve the infrastructure of the Moncton FIR, especially the infrastructure of its website.
- Ensuring that an online presence of ATC is maintained throughout the FIR, promoting more pilots flying to the area.
- Ensuring that events are arranged regularly, both within the FIR alone and in cooperation with adjacent FIRs.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: The successful applicant should meet the following minimum standards:

- A familiarity with Moncton ATC operations and general pilot operations and regulations is considered an asset.
- Minimum of C1 rating, and be in good standing within the VATSIM Network.
- Demonstrated past experience in staff roles, or other managerial experience.
- A commitment to maintain a strong online presence throughout their appointment, including keeping a constant eye on e-mails and messages online.
- The ability to communicate clearly and professionally through various mediums to people of different experience levels and cultures throughout the FIR.

Applications will be accepted until 2359Z on 22 July 2020. Any applications received after this deadline will not be considered. All applications shall be e-mailed to vatcan1[at]

News / CZQM Chief Resignation
« on: July 14, 2020, 10:33:50 AM »

It is, with great sadness, that today I accepted the resignation of Stephen Hayward from the role of CZQM Chief.

Stephen took over from Jim Allen around a year ago.  In that time he has done sterling work in the FIR, guiding them through 2 CTP's amongst many other achievements.

Please join me in thanking Stephen for his tireless work and wish him the very best for the future, I hope we will see Stephen on the network from time to time enjoying what he helped to maintain and create!

In the meantime, we are lucky enough to have Mark Walsh who will serve as the interim CZQM FIR Chief.  Mark has a wealth of experience on the network and we look forwards to working with him.

I will be posting the FIR Chief role in the next day or so for those who are inclined to apply.

Thank you!

News / Interim VATCAN5
« on: June 01, 2020, 10:15:14 AM »
Hi All

We will be posting the VATCAN5 position sometime today.

However, I would like to let everyone know the position is currently being covered on an interim basis by Graham Curnew.

My thanks to Graham for his invaluable assistance with this!

News / A thought for our friends in NS.
« on: April 20, 2020, 06:58:33 PM »
Hi all

Normally this forum is reserved for happy topics.  However today I want to put in a post about a very sad one.

I am sure you have all seen the news about events in Nova Scotia over the last 24 hours.  This is a horrific tragedy and I am sure it has, at some level, touched the lives of many of our controlling and flying friends who live in the area.

Please spare a thought for all of those who are affected both within and without our midst by this tragedy either directly or indirectly.

Of course it goes without saying, any small thing we at VATCAN can do to help or support, we are there for you.

« on: April 06, 2020, 06:20:42 PM »
Hellloooooo VATCAN!!!

I wanted to extend my sincere appreciation and congratulations to everyone that was involved in CTP on Saturday.  For many, it was a long, difficult and yet in so many ways, fun day! 

It is always fun to arrange these events and to take part in them.  However, it's also clear, they can be difficult to manage and organise.  Not only for the event organisers but also for each and every FIR that sits between the departure point and the arrival point.  While some seem to enjoy jumping to social media to complain and whine about the rights and wrongs of this, that or the other, the reality is everyone did their very best and put the time and effort to do their best.  Remembering this is a hobby, that is all anyone can ask and THAT is where we must focus.

I look around at the FIRs that were involved.  Moncton, who got quite literally hammered.  Oceanic who was overwhelmed with traffic.  Toronto who got hit hard also with inbounds and overflights.  Winnipeg, Montreal and Edmonton who dealt with a huge number of overflights adroitly and (in Owen's case) panache!  I have to say I am immensely proud of what we all achieved.

I think it is fair to say, there were enough challenges this time that I am certain much thought will go into the next event of this nature and I can assure all that the VATCAN execs will be pushing to be part of those conversations and help assist in improving the next iteration.

Lastly but by no means least. From my perspective, short of one small hiccup, the technical side of the event was flawless.  So I want to extent my admiration and thanks to Matt Cianfarani and his team for keeping the network and infrastructure duct taped together!  Aidan Stevens for holding the various web tools together!  And Gary Oliver and the whole AFV team who have transformed the voice experience for us all!  In my case, I am no longer getting offers of a new Mic.  Now I have elevated to FB posts asking me if I need some honey in my tea for my sore throat!  THAT'S REAL PROGRESS! ;)  J/K Gary, AFV is a wonder and has improved everyone's experience of this fantastic hobby!  These guys and their teams all work in the back room and rarely get to actually control or enjoy these events, so they truly deserve our thanks!

So, to all of you, thank you again for your time, your energy and your efforts.  I am sure we shall see more events in the near future of both a local, North America and global nature and I have confidence each of them will be executed with excellence.  (Panache lessons are available from Owen for a small fee ;)).

Thanks all!

News / VATCAN5 Resignation
« on: March 22, 2020, 11:49:16 AM »
Hi All

It is with great sadness that I announce that I accepted the resignation of Jeff McMillan from the VATCAN5 (VATCAN Communications & Events Director) role. 

Jeff has increasing responsibilities occurring with his job and is finding it difficult to find the time for his VATSIM activities and had the good grace to prioritize the needs of the division by stepping down to allow someone with more time to take the role. 

I would like to thank Jeff for both his tireless work and thoughtful measure of stepping down as his time becomes more restricted.  As always, our jobs and real world priorities must always come first, this is something I always encourage.  So thank you for the time you were able to give us Jeff, it is hugely appreciated by all of VATCAN's members.

Myself and Travis will be looking over this role in the next couple of days after which we will post for applications for this role.

Again please join me in thanking Jeff for his incredible hard work and best wishes for his future endeavours!  I hope we will see Jeff on the network from time to time!!

Thank you

News / VATCAN 7 Appointment.
« on: November 25, 2019, 02:33:30 PM »
Hi All

I am please today to announce the appointment of Jordan Jolenaar to the role of VATCAN Web Development Director.

I would also like to announce the appointment of Ian Cowan to the role of Deputy VATCAN Web Development Director.

Please join me in welcoming these gentlemen to their roles!  They both bring a wealth of knowledge and energy to the role and I am sure we will be seeing some positive changes to our web presence in the very near future!

General Discussion / VATCAN CTP
« on: October 26, 2019, 08:45:45 PM »
Hi All

Just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who controlled (and flew) in the CTP event today.

We had a wealth of controllers in Moncton FIR, Gander Oceanic, Montreal FIR and Toronto FIR and I am sure others I may have missed.

Thank you all for your efforts.  It was a largely uneventful event that was enjoyed by all thanks to your efforts!

News / Congratulations to Justin Bailey for Achieving his C1
« on: October 17, 2019, 11:05:57 PM »
Hi All

After a gruelling 2 hour OTS in TOR_CTR, I am happy to announce Justin Bailey has achieved his C1.

In one of the busiest C1 OTS exams I have seen, Justin held his own admirably and was able to fend off the uncontrolled antics of his fellow controllers to pass his exam.

Thank you to all who flew and congratulations to Justin!

News / VATSIM Maintenance Shutdown!
« on: October 10, 2019, 03:33:06 PM »

Just a reminder, at 2000z on Sunday 13th October, all VATSIM servers will be taken offline.  This is to begin the migration to our new infrastructure which will include the software and servers for Audio for VATSIM. 

Please all ensure you are completed with your flights and controlling sessions before this time!

Keep in mind that during this time period, other VATSIM services may be affected.

The network will remain offline for a period of 24 hours.  It may be possible that servers may come up early, but to be safe, we suggest you do not plan any flights or ATC sessions prior to 2000z on Monday 14th October.  If there is an extension to the downtime, it will be communicated as quickly as possible.

And remember, Monday is Moncton Mondays!  And we know the Moncton folks have a very special event planned for you all to come have fun on the east coast with a new, crystal clear voice system :)

Thank you all for your continued support!

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