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Edmonton (CZEG) / Re: Calgary SID/route filing question
« on: July 14, 2020, 05:47:00 PM »
YYC terminal treats Q400 as turboprops and not jets. However this route should not be a problem since it's most direct to that area above FL180.

On the SID in the narrative portion of the Rodeo2 departure, which is what we assign to turboprops in the normal runway configuration, says "Climb to maintain 7000 for vectors to assigned route or depicted fix".

Since we don't see as much traffic as some FIRs do and can easily maintain the separation if needed. Also in the real world pre-pandemic I believe this route was flown daily by WEN.

Thank you for the feedback and I'll relay this to our guys as a reminder.

This is a good question, first you did the right thing by initiating the hand-offs early since it was a FNO and everything gets overloaded real quickly.

So now to the question, what if the adjacent center doesn't accept the hand-off in time by the time the aircraft gets to the border. What I've been teaching at CZEG is that if you initiate a hand-off and the adjacent center/facility doesn't accept the hand-off in a timely manner, I'd advise the controller to cancel the hand-off and try again. If they don't accept it(I usually try 3 times) I'd assume they were too busy and would box-vector the aircraft around and advise the pilot of the delay. In other words I'd treat this scenario as a hand-off refusal and treat the hand-off accepted as permission to enter the next controller's airspace.

If you let the aircraft go into the next controller's airspace you'd only be adding to their already high workload and causing more of an issue for them. In the real world if a controller was that busy they'd have someone sitting next to them helping them monitor the traffic situation and help relay information to the other facilities.

I hope this help also curious on other controller's point of view on this topic.

Edmonton (CZEG) / Re: We Found Our Chief Instructor
« on: November 04, 2018, 09:57:46 PM »
Thank you all, I look forward working with everyone as I come into my new role as Chief Instructor for the Edmonton FIR.

Congratulations Owen!!

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