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Title: Gander Oceanic Thanks Nathan Power, Welcomes new Staff.
Post by: Ethan Mason on May 30, 2018, 01:02:49 PM
From the office of the Director of Gander Oceanic Operations and CZQO executive team;

The executive team of Gander Oceanic would like to thank Nathan Power for his service to Gander Oceanic, I remember when Nathan became the director and set out to make Gander active and contributing to VATCAN. We both sat down and planned carefully what we would do such as create a training program in which students go through, an OTS evaluation sheet, and much more, we had successfully been part of CTP in our positions in which we worked for days and weeks to make sure that our members were spoken for, and recently finshed this past one with great success. We hope only the best from Nathan, and we wish him the best.

For those who don't know me, My name is Ethan Mason and I hold the CID of 1279035, I now serve in the Director of Gander Oceanic Operations,  previously the Deputy Director of Gander Oceanic Operations, I joined Gander Oceanic in 2016 after receiving my C1 rating in the Winnipeg FIR, in which i did most of my training. I have a very open door policy and am always happy to talk to anyone. My goal is to be transparent with Gander Oceanic's Development and with the operations itself. I was excited when offered the Director of Gander Oceanic Operations, It meant to me that I could do much more and give back more to the community. If  anyone has questions please do not hesitate to email me( e.mason[at] or get a hold of me on teamspeak i'd be happy to talk anytime.