EuroScope 3.2

Before you begin, you will need a clean install of EuroScope on your system. We recommend to backup files and to completely uninstall your current EuroScope version first.

First, download and install the following:

CANscope 32-16-03

Important: EuroScope 3.2 must be installed prior to running CANscope setup.

These files are updated on a regular basis. Download and repeat the overwrite operation for every new release, or when needed for development purposes.

CANscope installer will NOT create shortcuts for you, however will install a PDF into your Euroscope Program Files Folder. Please refer to the PDF.

CANscope will work with only minimal configuration required (audio and keys configuration and entering name and credentials).

We recommend that you read the documentation. EuroScope is a complex piece of software and it is easy to mess up a working setup if you don't know what roles different files play.

If you have problems obtaining the download, please email us at Vatcan